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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is depth of field?

Depth of field is about image sharpness for objects in front of and behind the plane of focus. The in focus distance of foreground to background is the depth of field and can be adjusted for good effect. Determining depth of field takes into account the aperture size (f/stop), the sensor size, the lens focal length, and how far the camera is to the subject. Why depth of field is important relates to more pleasing photos which describes composition.

Setting the camera for depth of field is useful to insure all members of a group are in focus. At other times a softened (out of focus) background may be desired to give emphasis on the subject or it may be desired to have both subject and a distant background in focus. SetMyCameraPro is the perfect tool for determining the best camera settings for depth of field and understanding how it effects the final image.

SetMyCamera displays hyperfocal distance which is the focus point that insures all objects to be in focus from infinity to the hyperfocal near distance. The on screen graphics show you how depth of field and hyperfocal information effects the image.

With SetMyCamera there are no numbers to type or awkward conversions. For in the field use, even gloved fingers can quickly select the best settings. Supports English and Metric units for all camera types. Its is fast, easy and intuitive for perfect photos.

What is field of view?

Field of view describes the angular view or, simply, how that the camera sees the subject. Lenses with differing focal lengths offer different angular views which can be used for selectively framing the subject in a pleasing way. An effective tool for determining the best image layout is by using a field of view utility to easily test how the camera sees the scene to try alternatives for framing the subject within the photograph. The best photographs are those that successfully capture the subject and appeal to person's sense of aesthetics. This is called composition.

A field of view utility assists in composing the image by displaying what the final photograph will look like from the camera's perspective. SetMyCamera's field of view utility includes an adjustable zoom feature ranging from 30mm to 800mm equivalents to display how the scene will look through your camera's lens. The field of view tool can also be used as a magnifying lens for small items or to record camera and lens serial numbers.

Included with the field of view are real time histograms for color balance and contrast information, grid lines for compositional aids, brightness adjustments, image stabilization and real time image enhancements. The field of view image can be paused or saved to assist in evaluating the perfect shot.

What is shutter speed?

In photography, shutter speed or exposure time is the length of time when the film or digital sensor inside the camera is exposed to light, also when a camera's shutter is open when taking a photograph. The amount of light that reaches the film or image sensor is proportional to the exposure time. 1⁄500 of a second will let half as much light in as 1⁄250.

What languages are supported?

EN - English,
AR - Arabic,
ZH - Chinese,
CS - Czech,
DA - Danish,
NL - Dutch,
FI - Finnish,
FR - French,
DE - German,
EL - Greek,
HI - Hindi,
HU - Hungarian,
ID - Indonesian,
IT - Italian,
JP - Japanese,
KO - Korean,
KM - Khmer,
MS - Malay,
NB - Norwegian,
PL - Polish,
PT - Portuguese,
RO - Romanian,
RU - Russian,
SK - Slovak,
ES - Spanish,
SV - Swedish,
TH - Thailand,
TR - Turkish,
UK - Ukrainian,
VI - Vietnamese.

Shutter speed recommendations to overcome motion blur!

This feature will determine the minimum shutter speed to prevent motion blur caused by movement when hand holding a camera. SetMyCamera includes an innovative motion analysis feature to virtually eliminate motion blur by simply holding the iOS device against the camera. SetMyCamera then displays a minimum shutter speed that will insure a perfect photo for the camera and lens in use.

This feature can also be used as a learning aid by simply holding the iOS device. Test how to hold a camera, how to support it and brace yourself by leaning against a rigid object. It is sensitive enough to monitor heart and respiration rates to learn when best to trigger a camera between breaths or how the camera is effected by depressing the shutter release button!

What is remote camera triggering?

Remote camera triggering can be used for group photos, custom bracketing, long exposures or advanced compositions. Before contemporary wifi or bluetooth enabled cameras were available many cameras use IR communications to remotely trigger cameras.

SetMyCamera supports many popular cameras with IR communications for remote triggering. Use of the IR communications requires an IR transmitter.

SetMyCamera applications are available on the AppStore.
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