About the Developer

SetMyCamera was conceived by professional photographers as tools for photography. The primary objective was for ease of use and to explore solutions for better photographs to assist all photographers, beginners or seasoned professionals. From our own experiences, what we learned is described below.

Every time a photographer prepares to shoot an image, a question of depth of field is raised. To configure the camera, the desire for an easier method of understanding the best setting presented in an easy to understand format becomes apparent. More important was the ability to test alternative settings quickly for ‘what if’ scenarios which is what this app enables.

Bracketing was another area destined for improvement. SetMyCamera enables a very fast bracket sequence in more advanced modes such as mirror lockup and bulb mode with faster operations than can be done by a user otherwise.

The biggest reason for rejected photos is images that are blurry photos caused by camera movement. While we know fundamentally what camera movement is and its cause, the solution of what shutter speed will overcome it and teaching ourselves how to avoid it has escaped us since the beginning of photography. SetMyCamera is the first solution to translate motion information into optimized camera settings in addition to being a teaching aid in preventing motion.

Framing a photograph for the desired composition was the remaining objective. If we recall how early photographers perfumed this, they used there fingers to create a ‘box’ which they held up to the scene as a method of determining how the camera would see the subject. Now we have SetMyCamera’s strength to provide so much more that composing our shots should be perfect every time.

The programming of this application is from BluestonePond which can be reached at:


What others say about SetMyCamera

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  • "SetMyCamera shows you the data in a way that leaves no room for confusion” – MacWorld
  • “Using SetMyCamera is a guarantee to better photographs.” – William S.
  • “It is so easy, now I understand.” – Paula W.
  • “SetMyCamera aids depth of field calculations and serves as a great teaching tool” – MacWorld
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SetMyCamera applications are available on AppStore.
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