SetMyCamera support for iOS 13 now available

SetMyCamera has been updated to support iOS 13 on iPhones, iPads and iPodTouch. If you are experiencing any issues with SetMyCamera, please contact to report the issue.

Remote Camera Trigging displays "Unsupported Camera"

The use of Remote Camera Triggering requires an IR receiver be built into the camera. For Nikon Cameras this is any camera supporting the ML-L3 remote control. For Canon cameras this is any camera supporting the RC 6 remote control. The complete list of supported cameras can be found on the SetMyCameraPro product page.

Remote Camera Triggering also requires the use of an IR Transmitter which must be added to the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Information on IR Transmitters can be found on the IR Transmitter page.

iOS 9 support

An update for iOS 9 is available for SetMyCamera. The update brings all versions of SetMyCamera to 1.4.

Using the In-App Purchase upgrade on two devices

All feature upgrades can be used on more than one iOS device if the same iTunes account is used on both devices. Simply install SetMyCamera on both devices and select the restore feature found on the IAP page to bring the upgraded features to the new device.

IR triggering is not working?

To insure the maximum volume of the iOS Device’s audio to enable the IR Transmitter to work, verify in Settings->Music->Volume Limit is off. Restricting the volume limit will prohibit the IR Transmitter from successfully sending a strong signal.