January 2013

Do I need to adjust for Crop sensors?

When a camera is selected in the Setup Page, SetMyCamera automatically adjusts for crop sensors by doing the required calculations. The actual lens focal length as printed on the lens should be used for entering into SetMyCamera inputs.

What if my camera is not listed in the Setup Page?

If your camera is not listed in the setup page, use the Camera List Update Button found on the SetUp Page within the SetMyCamera application on our iOS device to download the latest list of pre-configured cameras. If after downloading the updated camera list, your camera is still not listed, please use the Camera Request Button to notify us of your camera model. We update this list regularly and we would like to include your camera. This feature is available on SetMyCamera versions 1.1.2 and newer.

SetMyCamera can still be used by one of these steps even if it is not in the pre configured list of cameras. First check for a similar camera in the list. For Depth of Field information the most important input is a Circle of Confusion (CoC) value.

The Setup Page allows cameras to be selected by a CoC value. CoC values can be found by searching the manufacturer’s web site, a web based search for the specific camera model or by contacting SetMyCamera by the Contact Us page and requesting setting information for a given camera model. SetMyCamera staff will research any inquiry to find the best setting.

Additionally, when SetMyCamera staff receives a request for a new camera, the application database is updated to insure future updates contain the requested camera model.

What cameras are supported by SetMyCamera’s Depth of Field feature?

SetMyCamera’s DoF feature can be used with any camera with user selectable Aperture values. In the Setup Page, a listing of cameras can be selected from for correct calculations.

If your camera is not listed, see the ‘What if my camera is not listed’ FAQ